When you chip in to a CORENA project, 100% of your donation is spent on a practical emissions-reducing project.
Donations of $2 or more to CORENA projects are tax deductible.

Did you know, each $100 contributed to our first Quick Win project grew to $244 worth of climate goodness over the first 5 years. Check out the Impact Calculator to see your impact!

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We believe the rapid roll-out of renewable energy and energy efficiency are two essential measures for restoring a safe climate. The future of our planet, and its people, is at stake. That’s why we’re creating a people-powered movement to fast track Australia’s renewable energy revolution, and you have the power to help make it happen.

The extraordinary strength of this movement stems from voluntary contributions that pay for practical renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, with all resultant income then re-invested in more of the same. Choose which project to support and chip in today. You’ll be setting off a chain reaction that will fund community renewable energy far into the future via our powerful revolving fund.

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See the sidebar in the Quick Win project section for earlier completed projects.

How it works

Your contributions to the Quick Win projects are used to provide interest-free loans to community organisations to pay for solar installations and energy efficiency measures. They repay the loan over time out of the savings on their power bills, and their repayments help fund subsequent Quick Win projects. Your money provides tangible reductions in carbon emissions almost immediately, and keeps on working far into the future!

Big Win Projects

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Click the Overview button above for the Big Win journey so far, and see the sidebar on that page for details of projects funded by the Big Win revolving fund so far. Or click the Current Big Win button to read about how we are scaling up with a view to empowering even more people-powered emissions abatement.


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Don’t lock in gas when the grid is turning green!
All-electric households already have lower carbon emissions than ones that use both gas and electricity, and as the proportion of solar and wind on the grid increases, the climate advantage of going all-electric will become even greater. See details here.